Coronavirus is causing great concern, we are here to help you as we all work our way through the chaos. Although we never want to stop worshiping our Lord God for all God through Christ has done for us it may become necessary to worship from home on a few Sunday mornings. We will make sure that you know in advance if for the sake of minimizing risk to our more vunerable members we need to ask you to worship, pray and sing from home.

Stay tuned to this website, the facebook (grace evangelical lutheran church elca), and the local news stations (WBEN, WGRZ and WIBV) for news regarding worship from home status.

In the event that we need to stay home the Upstate New York SYNOD has some on-line worship opportunities. We encourage each member to use these resources to maintain our connection with one another and God, and to pray continuously for those who are infected not only with COVID-19 but also for the many more who struggle with Influenza and Pneumonia at this time.


The Food and Clothing pantries remains open for those in our 14210 area. For those outside our service area please call your local Food Pantry for help. Our Clothing Pantry is open to all in need. There has been a run on supplies in the local grocery stores. This will pass, please consider the needs of others when you are trying to decide how much of each staple you need.

Remember, if you are not well and think that you have flu like symptoms please stay home, call your doctor and get well. Keep your hands washed and avoid rubbing your face or eyes. Listen to what Doctors are saying, try not to panic. The media may not be our best source of information, so read multiple sources to get a complete picture. Now is not a time to blame but to pull together and support those in need.


Thought of the Moment


To paraphrase Presiding Bishop Eaton’s words, “we are practicing physical distancing, not social distancing”



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