Our Church Leadership

Our Church thrives because of the energy and devotion of the people who are a part of our leadership.


Pastor - Rev. Marlene Hyden

Musical Director - Nancy Zilker

Principle Keyboardist/Organist - Judy Brady

Administrative Assistant - Marilyn Matteson

Sexton - Patti Watkins



Church Council:


President - Karen HowardCompassBible

Vice President -Sandy Sainsbury

Secretary - Alice LaGraves

Treasurer - Anita Kubik


Mark Bochmann

David Schutrum

Tom Gardner

Ron OHara

Karen Howard

Jim Mehnert

Penny Paschka

Corinne Schutrum

Joe Verrastro



Ron OHara

Esther OHara

Tom Gardner

Linda Mehnert

Deb Fridman




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